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    In oktober 2018 By philipgehrman
    When everything works we show that this car and team are to count on! Yesterday started good with a heat win in Q2 and 6th time, in Q3 I followed up with another heat win and 4th time overall! Qualified to semifinal as P8 and from 2nd row in the semifinal I climbed all the […]
  • Day 1 RallyX Nordic final in Tierp!

    In oktober 2018 By philipgehrman
    Day 1 haven’t been the best here in the finale round of RallyX Nordic at Tierp Arena, in free practice I broke down the turbo and in Q1 It was a clamp on the new turbo that wasn’t correct mounted so I was really lack of power. But don’t worry the car is now fine […]
  • Rd5 EuroRX final in Riga, Latvia!

    In september 2018 By philipgehrman
    First day done and with good result, already in morning practice we find a good setup on the car and the result were P11. Q1 was a really tough heat but finished P4 and 8th time overall! Made a great start in Q2 but in the 4th corner I lost the turbo pressure and hit […]
  • Rd 4 of the EuroRX in Lohéac, France!

    In september 2018 By philipgehrman
    Saturday Q1: We were almost done with the car from the damages at the training, but there wasn’t time to do the well needed wheel aliment so with theese conditions I got a 22 time in total. Rough first day here in Loheac but Q2 was definitely a step in the right direction for us […]
  • P3 in Rd4 of RallyX Nordic! ?

    In augusti 2018 By philipgehrman
    P5 in morning practice, in Q1 I had to low rpm in the start so it died and I lost almost 15sec there but out on the track the speed was good and had a 3rd fastest lap time! Great recovery in Q2 with 4th fastest time and a heat victory. P7 at the moment […]
  • It wasn’t meant to be in Höljes!

    In augusti 2018 By philipgehrman
    In höljes We have been showed how thin the line is between failure or success in Rallycross. Something that looked to be so good in Q1 ended up in P28! In Q2 I pushed a little bit to hard so I didn’t get the flow around the track and ended up P11, P20 overnight. It […]
  • P3 in Arvika! ???

    In juni 2018 By philipgehrman
    A terrible start in Q3 get me down from P4 to P7 overall after the qualifications, but in the semifinal I hold it together and took that important 3rd position and qualified to the final. In the final I were fighting a bit with a clutch and a differential but was still able to keep […]
  • Day 2 in WorldRX of Belgium

    In maj 2018 By philipgehrman
    P10 in Q3 with another puncture and struggling with cars that hold me back, in Q4 I was in desperate need of a good time but got a touch in the first corner that made me spin around and the weekend were over. Bad weekend for me but now we will have a few weeks […]
  • Day 1 in WorldRX of Belgium

    In maj 2018 By philipgehrman
    Unfortunately the bad luck has been followed us today, puncture in Q1 with 18th time overall. In Q2 it became to tight in the start so it ended for me in the tyre barrier in the first corner, after that i was last man out and just tried to push around the 4 laps and […]
  • P5 in Rd 1 of RallyX Nordic in Höljes!

    In maj 2018 By philipgehrman
    P5 in the first round of RallyX Nordic ? A broken steering ended my final in the 4th lap as P4, but that can’t away my happiness and proudness that me and my team can put another final in the backpack! The pace we have is way over what we expected, and specially not this […]