Behind the wheel
  • Philip Gehrman #95
  • Car EKS JC Audi S1
  • Status Permanent driver for JC Raceteknik
  • Date of birth 25/10/1995
  • Nationality Swedish
  • Hometown Lindesberg
  • Motorsport since 2010

Ever since Philip Gehrman was born in 1995 he have been an adrenaline junkie. He got his first fourwheeler only 3 years old and ever since that the toys have only grown bigger, faster and more expensive. Today Gehrman is one of the most talented rallycoss drivers in Sweden, he is a part of the swedish development team in rallycross. In 2018 Philip signed for full season in the European Rallycross Championship for Supercars, together with the legendary Per Eklund! For 2019 Team Gehrman Motorsport bought there own Supercar, a ex 2016 WorldRX VW Polo GTI. Volkswagen motorsport built five of this cars to 2016 season that Johan Kristoffersson and Anton Marklund drove with great succés and this is car nr 5.

To 2022 Philip will race with their new EKS Audi S1 with full support by JC Raceteknik in full RallyX Nordic series. He will also race at ”The Magic Weekend” in Höljes in the EuroRX series!


  • 2013 Bronze Svelandscupen 2150cc junior (BMW e36 coupe)
  • 2014 Gold Svelandscupen 2150cc junior (BMW e36 coupe)
  • 2015 9th SM kl 2 (Ford Fiesta Mk7 Touringcar)
  • 2015 10th EuroRX Championship Touringcar (Ford Fiesta MK7 Tourincar)
  • 2016 Bronze Swedish Championship kl2 (Ford Fiesta MK7 Tourincar)
  • 2016 6th EuroRX Championship Touringcar (Ford Fiesta MK7 Tourincar)
  • 2017 Bronze EuroRX Championship (Ford Fiesta MK7 Tourincar)
  • 2018 Bronze Swedish Championship (VW Beetle Supercar Eklund Motorsport)
Since 2014 Team Gehrman Motorsport become a registered Company that have a vision to become a well-established Rallycross team. Gehrman Motorsport is driven by Philip and his father Bobby Gehrman, but in first hand they both works with Bobbys tyre workshop that he owns. In the Motorsport company we work in first hand with the Rallycross but beside that we often do snowmobile travels f0r companies and other events.