Another good result in Riga day2!

Publicerad den:18 juli 2022
By philipgehrman

Rd6 of @rallyxnordic in Riga is up and running, I starts the day with a P5 in Q1!

Great recovery P2 in Q3!💥 Contact in Q2 resulted in big time loss and only a 7th best time.

P6 overall after qualification, we will start as P3 in the second semifinal!

Rd6 in @rallyxnordic is now over and we can bring us home another good result. P6 today after a tight but fair race in the final, so not much to do from the back of the startgrid!

Final round is coming up in just 2 weeks on home soil in @strangnasams Make sure to be there and buy your tickets now because it will be one epic weekend!🔥

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