• Another good result in Riga day2!

    In juli 2022 By philipgehrman
    Rd6 of @rallyxnordic in Riga is up and running, I starts the day with a P5 in Q1! Great recovery P2 in Q3!💥 Contact in Q2 resulted in big time loss and only a 7th best time. P6 overall after qualification, we will start as P3 in the second semifinal! Rd6 in @rallyxnordic is now […]
  • P3 in Riga day1!💥

    In juli 2022 By philipgehrman
    Q1 done and dusted! P3 after first session and the car felt great! Lost a lot of time after contact with another car resulted with P9 in Q2. P4 in Q3 and we have qualified for the big Final as P5 overall!💥 Finally we’re back at the podium, we have showed great pace all season […]