A brilliant week in @holjesrx has come to an end!🔥

Publicerad den:30 juli 2021
By philipgehrman

We have been driving in both wet conditions in Q3 and finished P4 and P8 in Q4 on crossover to dry, in both conditions we have made HUGE progress and showed great pace!

A bit unlucky in the semifinal I made a great start and followed @niclasgronholm for two laps then took the joker lap and came out as P3, I just had to secure my position to the finish line but got stuck behind a car with problems and got passed and finished as P4.

Good week for me and my team that have done a amazing job with the car all week, next up @ouluzone 5-6 Juni! 🇫🇮 @voksmotorsport

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