We retire from the FIA EuroRX 2020…

Publicerad den:25 augusti 2020
By philipgehrman

It is together with our partners we have come with a united decision to cancel this year’s competing in the FIA EuroRx championship for Supercars.

With the events in Norway and France that got canceled earlier this year and with an still uncontrolled spread of the Corona virus in Europe we see this season as to risky. We also see it as unworthy since we don’t know if the two upcoming events after this weekends premiere in Höljes will follow up or if they also will be cancelled.

We can’t offer a good package to our partners right now with this Corona restrictions, so therefor the plan is to “froze” our budget and drive in the EuroRX series in 2021 instead. This is for sure not the decision we wanted, but we think this is the right decision for us right now. We believe that this will create the best conditions for us next year when the pandemic hopefully has been defeated.

Stay safe!

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