Philip misses Final in Riga because of a Engine problem.

Publicerad den:25 juli 2019
By philipgehrman

As P4 after the qualifications I was standing in front row in semi final 2 of the RallyX Nordic race in Riga, and the road to the final looked set out, but a engine problem right in the beginning of the semifinal made me settle for a fourth place and outside the final.

I was incredibly disappointed at the moment, but kept my thumbs because there was no major fault on the engine, so we could start next weekend in Norway.

Otherwise the weekend started in the best way for me. A heat victory during Saturday and a total second best time in Q1. In Q2 I drove into the Finnish Kalliokoski’s car when it got a stop in the first corner and damaged my car, but in Q3 I took the start and led right to the checkered flag as P5. In Q4 we took a chance to drive with a set of tires that was really bad, only for saving four new tyres to the semifinal and it resulted with a P6.

In the semifinal something allready from the start happened to the engine, I had a huge lack of power so I just had to go as good as it went and hope for the best, but it ended with a fourth place. Now after we now that the problem was a ignition coil, and there is no problem to get the car done for Norway!

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