Philip made his first ever WorldRX entry in ”The Magic Weekend” in Höljes!

Publicerad den:25 juli 2019
By philipgehrman

It feelt incredibly nice that we have proved that when everything works we can join in and fight against the guys in the WorldRX. To run in the WorldRX competition in Höljes was a big dream coming true for me, when RallyX Nordic has a little summer break. It was interesting to see how I and my Polo would stand against the very best in the world. But Saturday didn’t start well. In Q1 it became a P23 after problems with the front differential, and in Q2 a driveshaft broke down right in the beginning.

But In Sunday morning we get a good start of the day when we at Warm Up were P10! In Q3 the car started to work really well and I had a clean heat which resulted in P11 total in Q3.

It fellt so nice and it went just as well in Q4 with another P11, but unfortunately we lost too many points on Saturday to fight for a semi-final place, something that today would have been quite possible.

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