RallyX Nordic Rd 1 & 2 in Höljes, Sweden!

Publicerad den:30 maj 2019
By philipgehrman
First race weekend of the season took place in Höljes with a doubleheader. Rd 1 in Saturday’s race we ended up as P6 in Q1, P6 in Q2 and P3 in Q3, that placed us in second row in semifinal. After a lot of battling we qualified to the final there we finished P5. We improved our pace a lot during the day so we where really happy with the result. Bad luck stopped us on Sunday when i broke a driveshaft in Q2 that made me lose a lot of places in to the semifinal. From start row 3 I made a great start but Ulrik Linnemann in start row 1 stalled in the start right in front of me, but i just manage to come around him and avoided a big crash when i get a hit on my left front wheel and I made a spin. I lost to much time and my chances to reach the final where over. But it’s a new race in Nysum, Denmark in 1-2 Of June and I can’t wait! Last year it ended up with a podium so we will aim for the same!??

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