Publicerad den:08 oktober 2018
By philipgehrman
When everything works we show that this car and team are to count on! Yesterday started good with a heat win in Q2 and 6th time, in Q3 I followed up with another heat win and 4th time overall! Qualified to semifinal as P8 and from 2nd row in the semifinal I climbed all the way to the top and finished P1! First row in the final together with Solberg and the strategy was to just come through the first corner clean and then keep the car rolling, I knew already before the final that I had to finish at least in 4th place to secure the bronze medal. The strategy didn’t work exactly as planned but when cars started to dropping of in the first three corners my position were P3, and somehow I managed to take my car over the finish line with only 3 wheels and finished P3! 2018 Was my first year in Supercar and I did 4 rounds in the RallyX Nordic series and finished P3 three times and 5th in Höljes when I broke the steering! So happy with the season and I think this shows the potential in this car and team, all that hard work and constantly developing on the car paid off! A huge thanks to Eklund Motorsport, team, sponsors, supporters, family and friends for making 2018 a year to remember!

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