Rd 4 of the EuroRX in Lohéac, France!

Publicerad den:17 september 2018
By philipgehrman
Saturday Q1: We were almost done with the car from the damages at the training, but there wasn’t time to do the well needed wheel aliment so with theese conditions I got a 22 time in total. Rough first day here in Loheac but Q2 was definitely a step in the right direction for us in this tough EuroRX series, with a 2nd place in the heat and P15! That makes me advance 5 places so I’m P17 overnight and only 8 points from the semifinal! Sunday Q3: Great comeback in Q3, I did a great heat and got a 7th time with a P14 overall. Let Q4 be as good and we will reach the semifinal! What looked to be a great recovery from a bad Q1 ended with a crash in Q4 and the chances to reach the semifinal was closed. I was P14 before Q4 and had a great chance to climb with only 5 points to semi. But it was on the third lap in third position in turn 3 as the guy in front of me went very far out and I was going to pass him on the inside, but just a few meters in front of me he made a stupid decision and tried to take the joker lap and ended up at the front of me! No decisions were taken by the stewards and he qualified to the semifinal and I didn’t, good to know until next time. Felt even crueler when I know now after that I had reached the semi if I just had hold my position over the finish line! Thank you all French supporters for making my first race here in Lohèac one to remember! ??? Thank you sponsors, team, family and friends for making it possible for me to do what I love! ? EuroRX final in Riga in just two weeks and then I will take the chance to end this season on top! ???

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