P3 in Rd4 of RallyX Nordic! ?

Publicerad den:12 augusti 2018
By philipgehrman
P5 in morning practice, in Q1 I had to low rpm in the start so it died and I lost almost 15sec there but out on the track the speed was good and had a 3rd fastest lap time! Great recovery in Q2 with 4th fastest time and a heat victory. P7 at the moment and now we will push in Q3! In Q3 we were struggling again with the start that made me lost a lot of time, but ended as P6 after the qualifications. In the semifinal I finished as P3 and made it to the final, in the final the rain poured down and we didn’t had the time before the final to set a proper rain setup. But I just tried to keep up with the rest and when cars were flying everywhere I advanced through the field and crossed the finish line as P3! This was my first time racing in Nysum but surely not the last because this was most awesome track I ever have been driving at! So happy with result and I feel that this was verry important for me and my self confidence after the bad weekend in Höljes. Next up Loheac, France in three weeks! ???

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