P4 in Rd 1 EuroRX of Barcelona, Catalunya!

Publicerad den:16 april 2018
By philipgehrman
Such a fantastic weekend! The RxBeetles powered by Eklund Motorsport were really on fire this weekend! This is a result of all that hard working Eklund have done to the cars during the winter, and the teamwork my team and team Anders Bråten – ABRX have accomplished with! P4 in the final feels unreal, when you had a goal to reach the semi finals! We are leaving Barcelona 5th overall in the Championship and that triggers both me Eklund, and Anders Bråten to go back in 4 weeks to Belgium for round 2 and give the “big boys” another lesson! Feeling so grateful to have the opportunity to make my dream come true and I want to give a huge thanks to my Partners, team, supporters and family for making this even possible!

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